Leadership Fortuna

Leadership Fortuna is an interactive program designed to introduce its class members to the major facets of the Fortuna and Humboldt County community.  In addition, it will provide the opportunity for behind-the-scenes understanding of the issues that impact our region’s economic health and quality of life. Get the application form here!
Founded by the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Fortuna’s members will participate in educational sessions, site tours and candid conversations with community leaders. Topics including county government, law enforcement, education, social services, city and county planning, grant development – to name a few – challenge members to see their community as they never have before. 
The Leadership Fortuna program is designed to accomplish four distinct goals:
  1. EXPOSE PARTICIPANTS to the processes, programs, opportunities and challenges that impact Fortuna and Humboldt County.
  2. STIMULATE INTEREST in community activities and encourage engagement in local and regional affairs.
  3. CREATE A NETWORK of community-minded leaders who will lead in a spirit of collaboration that fosters regional prosperity.
  4. PROVIDE PARTICIPANTS with a behind-the-scenes view of local and regional issues and give them access to the top business, civic and community leaders who play integral roles in the Fortuna and Humboldt County area.
Individuals are considered and selected for the Leadership Fortuna program through an open application process. Applications for the Leadership Fortuna program are open to the public each fall, with the participants for each upcoming class selected before the close of each calendar year.